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Attendance Expectations

  • Attendance is required for the remote learning classes (elementary and middle school mornings). 

  • Please see complete attendance policy HERE. This attendance policy is also tied to the three Pathways.

  • Students will be marked absent by the teacher if the teacher cannot determine that they are actually in the live-remote class (logging in and muting the camera alone does not mean the student is in attendance). If a student misses more than one-third of a meet/lesson, the student will be marked absent.  Given that there are only a few meets a day (sometimes only one) it is extremely important that students are on time and present for the entire meet.  Students that are late to a meet or leave early, but don't miss at least a third, will be marked tardy.
  • Teachers may conduct “spot-checks” during class to ensure students are in attendance and engaged. This may be asking the student to un-mute their camera, verbally indicate they are there and engaged, or type a response into the chat bar.

  • Exceptions to this expectation may be granted by the principal after a meeting with the principal and the student’s education team. Examples of this may include a unique activity, experience, or need that consistently prevents the student from attending the remote classes. The student will be expected to demonstrate proficient level learning in all of the course work during this time. Any exception may be revoked if the student is falling behind in the learning or if other educational concerns arise.

  • Exceptions and flexibility may also be provided in this area as an accommodation related to a student’s 504 plan or IEP as determined by the family and the education team. 

Please note that the above plan will keep us within the scope of the district’s attendance policy (#3122) and the state’s laws regarding school attendance. As we monitor attendance, we do not include Bereavement, Medical or Discretionary exemptions. Unexcused and Excused are counted together. 

Any medical exemption requires a medical note, which should be sent to All other exemptions sought should be communicated to

Please follow the Attendance Process for communicating a student’s absence form the remote learning classes:

Attendance Process:

1. If a student is absent from remote learning classes, the parent/guardian should call the BoCS 406-522-6600 or 406-522-6565 (attendance line) or email  If the student is marked absent and the parent/guardian hasn't called, a computer phone call will be made to the home. The unexcused absence must be cleared within 48 hours by phone or note.  

2. If a student plans to be absent from school for more than one day, the parent/guardian should email or by calling 406-522-6600 or 406-522-6565 at least two days before you leave.  Make arrangements with the teachers regarding any missed learning.

3. If the student has a doctor, dentist, or other appointment, the parent/guardian should email on the day of the appointment, and can provide a note afterwards.

4. It is the student’s responsibility to catch up on any missing assignments, activities, or lessons, which will be available on Canvas. 

I sincerely hope this helps outline the expectations regarding attendance in a clear way. We completely understand that things come up and instances arise–and we are more than happy to help in any way we can. Consistent attendance and engagement is paramount to any student’s learning and success. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions!!!

Jennifer Westphal