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About Us

The in-person and remote learning option for BSD7 students and families in 2nd-8th.

The Bozeman School District is offering a flexible schooling option with both in-person and remote learning through the Bozeman Charter School (BoCS). The BoCS will provide a model of instruction that is flexible and creative to ensure all students are met where they are in their learning and are supported as they advance in their learning. The BoCS aims to enrich each student with a sense of purpose, a belief in personal efficacy, and a passion for learning.

The BoCS is for grades 2nd-8th, and has both in-person and remote components; as well as expeditionary learning in a "move at the pace of your learning" model of instruction.  

For more information, you can watch this short video about the BoCS: Bozeman Charter School Informational Video.

If you would like to enroll your child in the Bozeman Charter School (BoCS) and you are new to the district for the 2023-2024 School Year, please start the enrollment process by using THIS LINK and choose Bozeman Charter School from the drop down menu.

If you are already enrolled in a BSD7 school and would like to transfer to the BoCS, you will need to complete the appropriate In-District Request to Transfer (Elementary and Middle School) and submit it to BoCS is its own charter school and no spot will be saved at your child's attendance area school.  Registration in BoCS will be a year-long commitment.

Our direct, more robust website is

Please direct any questions to, or call 522-6600.